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Hello Everyone.
Would it be helpful to have an area on the forum that will show people how to do things here, like for example how to register and add new posts, how to reply to posts and how to subscribe and unsubscribe ?


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Excellent, Carl and Savannah, - - and urgent ! - - Savannah has mastered how to start a new thread, but the esteemed Prof apparently hasn't, as the whole of his first post of about 24 words seems to have been perpetuated as the heading for the thread thereafter. He seems to like the idea of a heading of 'The Thoughts of Professor Bof.' but the first of his 'thoughts' has appeared on the (surely outdated) original 'First ever post' thread.
It's not that I'm being picky or pedantic (or perhaps I am !), it's just that I am easily confused and don't know where to look for the latest post - - and I don't know how to start a new one with a new heading for any new topic I might like to introduce, like comments on controversial planning applications for example.
Chris. H.


Hi Chris, ok, yes I think I get what your saying here..ok let me think a little, there are other options available on the forum for views, for example

I will do what I can for users to easily gain an overview of new posts, but give me a little time on that..

The second point you raised is knowing where you could post your views, I think for the moment we should keep things condensed, so how's about I create a new forum section and call it something like...

Have your say
Your thoughts
Points of view

This way in any of these areas you could create a new discussion called

controversial planning applications

Here you can then start a descussion that others can feed into..

How does that sound as a start?



Hi Chris, I have added a new forum for you/us to now use.

If you follow the above link you will see an orange button at the top right saying "Post Thread", click it, add a title and type away..