In this area we will keep track of news and events, this may change over time, but its a starting point.
Take a look into the work of Bideford Town Councillor Kaye Corfe and the hard work that she does to try and combat homelessness in our Bideford Town.

The first episode entitled 'No Place to Call Home' follows Kaye, a rough sleeper outreach worker, as well as 24-year-old Harry, who lives with eight people in supported accomodation.

The episode opens with Kaye speaking to an alcoholic woman with mental health problems who has been found sleeping in a graveyard.

Kaye tells the programme that North Devon has one of the highest rates of youth homelessness in the UK.

She says that in her seven years in the job she has seen 14 people die, the youngest being just 23, and that many of the facilities needed to support homeless people "just don't exist" in North Devon.

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councillor kaye corfe is a total inspiration

this is why TCG is so significant and has the potential to bring about real change, we are not based in any party politics or ideologies (we see them as an obstacle if anything) but we are focused on providing representatives oin local government who genuinely are showing what it can be like if local council is run by the community for the community, not run by just one section of the community

a council that has on it people who have been homeless themselves is a council that is all the more sensitive to the difficult lives that many people find themselves trapped in. it is a coun cil that has different priorities that put care for all people and not just a section of the people, at the forefront.

TCG would love to see a change where instead of being so focussed on overdeveloping the area, the council is more focused on looking after the people who have fallen through the net and desparately need support

a council that prioritises addressing hidden poverty, child malnutrition, youth mental health etc

these are just some of the issues that we hear abput time and again in the peoples' assemblies but which are hardly mentioned in the council

this is why kaye corfe and the TCG councillors can really make a difference, they come from the very broad spectrum of the community and have been listening, for a long time, to those who feel the council does not listen to them or care about them.
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