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By jamie
From our Torrington assembly a few days ago, there were some great ideas about how to ensure that more people in Torridge know about TCG. I'll list some of the ideas but it'd be great of people used this thread to discuss what else we can be doing.

There are town specific sites and FB pages that are very populated, for most townds and areas and this is where most people keep up to date with what is happeneing so these are great places for TCG to let communtities know about events.

many towns have there own free paper that covers local issues. it would be great for TCG to contact these publications and wrote copy foir them, talking about what TCG is and how it functions and how to get involved.

nothing beats face to face, so members of TCG would do well to enageg in flyering on the streets of local towns and engaging people in convesration, when we did this during the lead up to the local elections, about 95% of people we spoke with were extremely positive and said that TCg is exactly the kind of thing needed in Torridge.

we could be doing more short video clips that are infpormational about TCG

this was a good start of great ideas. what more can you think of?

if you want to join the outreach team, then get in touch through this site or throughb our facebook or twitter accounts.
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